Teaching Hero will help you grow your brand, translate your educational content, and connect you to educators globally!

Teaching Hero (Owner Leon Chaudhari) was founded in October 2016 in Berlin, Germany. The company has received global media exposure. Teaching Hero is linked to universities, educational companies and other institution all over the world. Currently, Teaching Hero offers the following services:


Teaching Hero is situated in the beautiful city of Berlin but has regional consultants working all over the globe.



Nordhellesteig 24

13507 Berlin



  • Professional Mentoring


  • A 110.000+ Advertising Network


  • Translation to 15+ Languages


  • Design & Filming Support


  • SEO for Education Products


  • Web Solutions for Educational Online Shops



"Teaching Hero did an incredible job for me! I signed up for their Udemy program as one of the first ones. I created educational content together with Teaching Hero and, seriously, Teaching Hero made the difference between success and failure for me. I tried publishing online courses before and almost didn't make any money. Through Teaching Hero, my earnings increased tremendously! Don't publish online courses without Teaching Hero!"


Cole G., England


Leon Chaudhari


Nancy Rudolph

Regional Consultant


Ahmad Figo

Regional Consultant


Gabriele Carzedda

Regional Consultant


Martin Walczynski

Regional Consultant


Philip Hofmacher

Regional Consultant (Austria)

Kanav Bawa

Regional Consultant


Albert Poetzsch

Regional Consultant


Alexander Stolz

Regional Consultant


Paul Cybulska

Regional Consultant (Germany), Creative Director

Cengiz Taner

Regional Consultant


Ivana Maksimović

Regional Consultant


Philipp Fahro

Regional Consultant


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