Creative Director (Germany)


Teaching Hero welcomes Paul Cybulska as the new Creative Director of Teaching Hero. He and Teaching Hero CEO Leon Chaudhari will shortly film a couple of videos together presenting Teaching Hero and explaining the company's Udemy Program and how translators and regional consultants can join Teaching Hero.

Teaching Hero (Founding)

Oct 17, 2016


Today, the day has come. Teaching Hero is finally officially a company, owned solely by Leon Chaudhari.


Teaching Hero will keep you updated about current developments, for instance new collaborations with universities and companies or other news-worthy happenings.


Oct 28, 2016

Teaching Hero Starts Collaboration with the University of St. Petersburg, Russia!


Teaching Hero will work together with the University of St. Petersburg. In particular, Teaching Hero will help students find their way into the industry by offering 1-4 month internships at Teaching Hero. The students will translate video course material for Teaching Hero clients. They are being supervised by Teaching Hero all the time.


Oct 24, 2016

Regional Consultants (India/England)


Teaching Hero welcomes Kanav Bawa as our new regional consultant operating in India and England. He will manage a team of 20-50 online educators for us over the course of the next few years.


Oct 23, 2016


At the end of November 2016, Teaching Hero will release its official elite business development program on Pre-order it here!

Do you want to take your business education to the next level? Then, pre-order Teaching Hero's official elite business development program here.

The course will cover idea generation, business models, motivational hacks, startup pitching, business development (short-term & long-term), social media marketing, physical marketing, psychological marketing and much more!


The course will be available for 200 USD. Pre-order it here for 25 USD!

Regional Consultant (Serbia)

Oct 20, 2016


Teaching Hero has acquired Ivana Maksimović as a regional consultant for Serbia. She will manage a team of 20-50 over the course of the next few years.

Regional Consultant (Switzerland)

Oct 19, 2016


Teaching Hero has acquired Nancy Rudolph as an official regional consultant.

She will take care of a 20-50 people strong team in Zurich (Switzerland).

Teaching Hero

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