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We create online academies with automated multi level affiliate software networks for influencers from all over the world.



"Online education is my game and I will show you how to win it!"


Hi, I'm Leon Chaudhari - I manage Teaching Hero and multiple other companies in the edtech and online education sector. I teach more than 14.000 students personally and manage with my company Teaching Hero a student network of more than 157.000 students.


I help personal brands succeed in online education, sell their products and make a difference in peoples' lives with more than 120+ courses I personally created.


I will help you get the most out of your own online brand, whether it's about planning, strategic advice, marketing, etc.


Book a coaching session with me now and let's get to work!




Leon Chaudhari

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Teaching Hero



Teaching Hero helps brands from all over the world to scale in online education. We produce online video courses and change lives!

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If you want to learn how to generate a passive income online, the Hero Accelerator will be your safest bet. We will show you in our free accelerator how to build a profitable online education brand.


CEO Teaching Hero

CEO Hero Accelerator

CEO Hero Academies

Email: leon@teaching-hero.com

Annual turnover: 100.000+ USD

Overall turnover: 150.000+ USD



I know the world of online education better than anyone else!


Ask my anything about online education, business development, growth hacking, strategic & organizational management.

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