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Do you have deep knowledge in a certain area or have a particular skill and passion for teaching online?


Then you should apply to become a Teaching Hero teachers. With Teaching Hero's help, you will create high quality online video courses which we will sell on Udemy, translate in 15+ languages, and promote over our 110.000+ people advertising network.



Teaching Hero is the #1 online education translation, marketing and mentoring company with thousands of satisfied students in 117 countries. Joining us a teacher means taking your course earnings to the next level!



You create one course, we will make 15 courses out of it. Every course you create will get translated and sold on Udemy. Normally Udemy instructors only earn money for 1 course; With Teaching Hero, you will earn money for 15 courses!



Every teacher receives a free private mentor who will give you professional advise on course creation, filming, and design. Your private mentor will show you every hack there is in order to make your course content profitable.



Teaching Hero has an advertising network of over 110.000 people worldwide. Our professional marketers will make sure that your courses sells big time! We furthermore improve your SEO status by adding reviews and thousands of students to your course(s).



Teaching Hero has gotten quite some media coverage for its work with students and teachers all over the world. Our story begins with the first course ever created with Teaching Hero: Startup Masterclass - The Ultimate Guide For Young Startups...

Teaching Hero started as an experiment but already very soon it showed that it's more than that! For our first course, we invited a couple of friends to the course and let them write a couple of reviews. Sales started coming in. We added free students and got more and more reviews over time. Sales started increasing.

At some point, when the course already had a couple thousand students, we realized, this could only mean that the algorithm of Udemy can be controlled. We developed a step by step formula for ourselves which made EVERY single course profitable. Today, the course is the #1 course on Udemy in the category "Entrepreneurship". Now, let's apply that formula to your courses!

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